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All work performed by Red Seal Journeyman

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Redline Motorsports is a full service motorcycle repair and performance facility. 

Our specialty is "while you wait service". Tire changes and oil changes can be done while you wait.

We can perform your regularly scheduled maintenance that is factory warranty approved. We have 2 Journeyman Technicians that combine 60+ years experience.  Troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair, basic servicing, replacement of consumables, performance enhancements, all get done efficiently and correctly so you can ride to redline again and again.

 Rate - Nov 1-Feb 28  $88/hr. (Off-Season Hours)

            March 1-Oct 30  $110/hr. (On-Season Hours)

Minimum - .5hr

We do our best to ensure you know what you are getting and to minimize surprises!  Keeping you informed is essential.  

Have your oil changed while you wait!

Just call and book your appointment!

$55.00 + oil and filter (additional charge if the exhaust needs to be removed)


Mineral, Semi-Synthetic and Full Synthetic available.


HiFlo (better than OEM)

NEW!!!! HiFlo Racing (track approved)


Harley Davidson - Amsoil V Twin 20W-50, V Twin Primary Fluid, 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube and HiFlo Filter  - $249.00, oil included

For street or track-day tires, Redline Motorsports is your destination!

We can offer you helpful advice on your tire selection because we ride street and race so we'll have the experience to steer you right. 

We can install tires while you wait! Call us a couple days in advance to make sure we have the tires you want in stock and reserve your time and we will put your tires on while you take it easy and enjoy a refreshment.

At Redline our tire pricing is quite simple - it's almost all in. (we add tire tax - $4 per tire, and GST, that's it) When we quote you a price, it's the installed price.

If you would like us to install tires that you supply, that’s ok, charge is $75.00 for the rear and $75.00 for the front.

If the wheels are loose (already off the bike) then the cost is $55.00 each (front/rear).

Includes balancing of course!

All bikes are different but we can usually complete the job in 1.5 to 5 hours - depending on the model. (Other makes vary in time and will be priced accordingly if we can service them.)

     Japanese :

Shims usually cost $7.00 each if required.

Every bike is different so please inquire for a more accurate estimate. To save yourself some money this is the perfect time to clean or change your air filter and spark plugs.

It’s good practice to and less expensive in the long run to swap out both your sprockets and chain at the same time.

The reason you need to change both sprockets in addition to the chain is because the old chain will carve out your new sprockets in no time at all, and if you just change the chain, the old sprockets will stretch and ruin your new chain.

Just do it right and save yourself a lot of disappointment.

Upgrading your brakes to steel braided lines is one the least expensive, biggest gain areas on your bike.

Most motorcycles come standard with rubber lines that expand under heavy use and and just get worse over time. Your brakes may feel spongy and you won't have the power you need if you come to an emergency braking situation. Steel braided lines do not expand even in extreme situations. While stock rubber lines will get the job done, steel braided lines are just so much better. Especially on the bigger cruiser style bikes that come standard with braking systems that are often inadequate.

Upgrade your lines, add some bling and get the stopping power you need!

Brands such as HEL, Goodridge, Galfer, Russle will give you that solid braking feel and control.  Many colour options are available.  We also fit to custom length.

Service Specials

Bronze - $69.95

11 Point Check

Check Wheel Bearings

Check Steering Head Bearings

Check and Record Brake System Components

Check Suspension

Check and Record Charging System Outoput

Check Chain and Sprocket (Adjust if needed)

Check and Record Tires and Set Pressures

Check all Electrical Functions (Lights and Functions)

Lube Pivot Points

Adjust Clutch and Throttle Play

Silver - $149.95

Bronze Package +

Lube Throttle Cable

Lube Clutch Cable

Clean, Lube and Adjust Chain

Check Final Drive (where applicable)

Check and Record Coolant (top up)

Remove and Lube Hand Levers

Gold - $199.95

Silver Package +

Oil and Filter Change (labour only, oil and filter not included)